It’s time we talked.

I don’t know why I haven’t talked much about our house or remodeling or painting or decorating, because it’s seemingly all we do and all I think about.  I am crazy for decorating shows and magazines and PINTEREST.  Good grief, do I love me some Pinterest.

Anyhoo, the decorating is the fun part, the icing on the cake.  What’s the not-fun part?  The part where you don’t have a kitchen sink for 3 months.  Yeah, that part’s not so fun.  Before I get to that, let’s back up.  Remember how we bought an octogenarian?  We love our little bungalow in our little seaside New England town, but she sure gave us some headache to get to the love we’re currently feeling.   To say that some updates were needed is putting it mildly.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.  There are only 4 here, because I was so overwhelmed with the to-do list the potential when we first saw it, this is all I could muster.

There’s so much to see here it’s hard to figure out where to look.  Let me help.

At the top we have a strange half wall that remained intact when the house was expanded (in the 70’s we believe).   Eh, half wall, who cares, right?  Wrong.  I care.  We all should care.  That innocent looking half wall meant that you couldn’t put an upper cabinet there.  You couldn’t put a counter top there.  You could basically do nothing except paint your newly acquired half wall.  Distressing.

In the bottom left we have the lovely cooking area.  No cabinets to be had here. There are some drawers on the right hand side, and possibly my favorite thing in the kitchen–the nightstand/counter top.  Genius!  Why haven’t we all been doing this?

Aside from these peculiarities, there are so many, many more things going on here.  Yellow Formica counters.  Chocolate brown and cream cabinets.  A strange closet in the corner of the room.  One light fixture right in the walkway.   Oh little bungalow, you needed help and I love a good project.  We were meant for each other.

After 9 months (!) our kitchen remodel was completed.  The work began at the end of August and was completed this April.  It was unreal.  If things could go wrong, they did.   We moved in on August 28th and I believe that we got a sink in November.  By that point I had stopped keeping track of the crazy.  But in the end, as it usually is, it what all worth it.

Here is our kitchen today.  

Do you hear the angels singing?!   Now for the best part: side-by-sides.

I’ll be back with all the gory details, some in-progress insanity, and a few other pics.

Psst…follow me on Pinterest and you will see how nutso I am for it.


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