Sideboard Search and Rescue

My search is finally over. Since we put an offer in on the house I have knew just what we needed for our dining room, a small sideboard. Very small. I have become way too acquainted with sideboards and can confidently say that at least 97% of them are 66″ long. How might I know this you ask? Because I have been scouring flea markets, thrift stores, yard sales, trash heaps, etc., with my trusty tape measure. This does not even account for the daily scouring of Craigslist searching under “sideboard,” “buffet,” and when I got desperate “hutch,” and “dresser”. I sent at least 20 emails over the past year but none of them panned out or they were too long.

But last Saturday I felt it in the air, and on our way into Boston I pleaded casually asked The Mr. if we could stop at the flea market. “This won’t take long, I know exactly why I’m looking for and I have my tape measure.” Ezra and I zipped past the luggage, cell phones, lucky bamboo, and 700 Quinceañera dresses (Seriously. It’s not a good flea market in the traditional sense of the word. Someday I’ll take pics.) We headed straight to the back where a couple of old-timers have the proper flea market booths full of old junk. And there it was:


A 39″ beauty with a large storage space and not a million drawers. I was hoping for this since this will be our “office” in the dining room. Asking price: $20! I could have kissed him. Less than 5 minutes after I got out of the car I called The Mr. to come help us load her up.

Bonus: see those 2 hobnail milk glass pieces on top? Fuh-ree! I was willing to pay $5 for the both but then the gentleman just said to take them. I did not argue.

Now comes sanding, painting, and possibly refinishing the top. I’m still undecided on what color to paint. Turquoise? Orange? Yellow? White? Any thoughts?


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