On My Mind

A few weeks ago The Nester had a post about purging things from her home, and in passing mentioned the book “7” by Jen Hatmaker.   The full title is “7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess”.  The premise of the book is examining our lives and discovering where our treasure lies.  Immediately I had to ask myself:  If my treasure lies in heaven why do I have 6 sets of sheets?  Granted, some are from my “old” decorating style and now I’ve settled on a new color scheme.  But still, this is excess, through and through, and there is no reason for it other than “but that shade of purple is better than the shade of purple I ALREADY HAVE for those things I spend time laying on with MY EYES CLOSED.”  It’s I am completely ridiculous.

Jen tackles different areas of her life in each chapter, deciding to eat only 7 things one month, wear only 7 things the next, give away 7 things/day the next, and so on.  It’s humbling to look at your life through this lens.  She states that if a family lives on $55,000/year then they are in the top 1% of the world economically.  How much more could we do with our money if I apparently didn’t have a sheets habit?  Along with a shoes, clothes, chocolate, and decorating habit?

So far we have gone through our clothes and donated a 55-gallon garbage bag full.  It’s unreal.  For Ezra’s clothes for the upcoming season, I am attempting to buy everything used, or for no more than $6/item.  As cute as that kid is, he does not need name brands.  He can bring it on looks alone.

Summary: Read 7, re-think what a necessity really is, seek help for sheet problem.


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