Almost 2

Dear Ezra,

Last night I was thinking back to when you were born and realized that it was almost 2 years ago.  That is so crazy to me.  You are now 19 months old and such an amazing little boy.  I have the privilege of spending all my days with you.  There are times when we both are crying simultaneously, but I wouldn’t trade this time for anything. I get to see you learning and trying new things each day.  Like today, you tried and succeeded at climbing right up in the middle of the dining room table.  Surprise!

It seems that you are saying new words each day.  The most recent are “beach” and “ocean”.  Thankfully your pronunciation for these is pretty spot-on or else we could be in big trouble publicly.   We have been to the beach 3 times in the past week, and your Daddy pointed out that you’ve been to the beach more in 19 months than he did in 19 years.

Things you are loving right now:  Trucks, cars, ice cream (or “ungh”, which sounds like a nonsense sound but is inexplicably your word for ice cream, it’s the only time you use it), Mama’s phone, smelling candles and shampoos, being outside, and CLIMBING.  Oh the climbing, Mama will be glad when (if?) this phase ends.

Not a fan of: Showers.  You hate them and cry so hard when I have to go this route.   You are very picky when it comes to textures of food, much like Mama.  Refried beans, mashed potatoes, etc. are all not happening for you little man.  We’re hoping that you grow out of this at some point so we just keep trying.

You are such a smart, sweet little boy.  You are always giving hugs and kisses.  You make our lives so much better than we ever dreamed.

For Always,



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