We bought a senior citizen

No, not that kind.  This kind:

Meet our house.  It’s 85 years old.  We love it.  We are the second owners, and the first was the gentleman who built it and lived here until he was 103.  It has been loved and we hope to continue that tradition.

It’s umm…quirky.  It was built in a different time so the rooms are smaller and the layout is not what we are accustomed to these days.  (Or, side rant: Not what HGTV/TLC/Extreme Home Makeover tells us we NEED in order to have a nice house or “enough room”.  Really, enough room?  Please go here and then we can talk about having enough room.)  But, what it lacks in size it makes up for in charm, and yard size. For real, the yard here is crazy big.  While it is not a farm or the massive yards that Southerners consider normal, for the Boston area it is HUGE.  (And yes, that is an 8 foot concrete frog pond in the middle of the yard.  Hopefully it will be meeting its demise this spring.  I said it was quirky!)

If the yard gets boring, this is a mile away:

(!!!)  We live by the beach.  Even still, I cannot get over this.  Every time we drive by I am in awe of the fact that we live so close.  In fact, we go a few minutes out of the way sometimes just to see it.  We are so blessed that we found this place.  Maybe some time I’ll tell you the longer version.  Suffice it to say:  God is good. All the time.

Come see us!


3 responses to “We bought a senior citizen

  1. Well said, Rachel! HE is good, all the time, and will supply each and every need to be met, in his time! I’m so proud of you buying your first home, being the awesome Mother to Ezra you are, ……. even tho I haven’t seen you with him, but; just reading about his changes each month, and your adventures you have with him! I’m in awe just thinking of the day we finally get to meet your son. And would love to have a time to come to Boston to see your home! In God’s time, tho I’m sure! We love you, and miss you!

  2. Well, one of those wishes came through last week! It was sooo good seeing you guy’s last week! Just wish that Robert, Jarrod and Kerri was with you all. Oh, yeah and BG, too!

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