11 Months

Dear Ezra,

Today I just happened to glance at the calendar and saw that it was the 20th, then I immediately started crying when I realized you are 11 months old today.  Your Momma is a mess, little boy.   Time is speeding by Ez, and I want it to slow down.  You are getting so big, so fast, and it is unreal to me that you have been here almost a year.

I love you so much, and so fiercely, and what’s amazing is that it grows each day.  I watch you while you sleep next to me, cheek on my chest, hand swung up to my face, and I think “I couldn’t possibly love you more.”  But then, the next day, I do.  You are amazing like that.

This month you:

  • have become super smiley.  You scrunch up your nose, squint your eyes, and smile with your whole face.  We should all smile like that.
  • went to a pumpkin patch and petting zoo.  You loved the animals, Ezza.  You laughed and laughed while petting the goats.
  • FREAK OUT when Dadadadada comes home.  Arms and legs waving furiously, straining to get to him as soon as you see him.
  • oh yeah–you’re WALKING.  You have been taking a few steps in your cage play yard, and rocking back and forth from leg to leg, but 2 days ago you just went for it.  You walked across the play yard smiling the whole way.  We took you out for a test run in the open floor and you walked about 8 feet unassisted. You also walk the play yard around the living room, which kind of defeats the purpose I think.
  • play patty-cake.  You are adept at the patty-ing, and marginal on the rolling them up, but haven’t even begun to throw them in the pan yet.
  • do the sign for “more.”  You know it, and understand when we ask you to do it, but you rarely do it on your own.  Instead you look at us and say “bah” very loudly and sternly.  We are trying to convince ourselves that you are saying “bite.”
  • clap for yourself, or clap with us when we applaud your efforts at well, anything.
  • get compliments all the time on your beautiful blue eyes.  Or, as a waitress said the other day, you’re a “haht-breaka”.

For Always,



2 responses to “11 Months

  1. I Told You Baby Girl…You Are Doing Great. You are not suppose to feel 100% excited at the growth marks just know baby they just get faster…yesterday I had to tie your shoes, (no velcro for my babygirl) and look at you now…a Momma.

  2. oh, my goodness! Ezra, you are getting so big, and I hadn’t even met you, yet!!! you will love your cousin’s Brianna and Elizabeth, and Uncle John! I bet you are ever bit of a Ham bone as your big cousin Bri was at your age! She would start crying, and as soon as a camera would come out, she’d stop! Elizabeth is wild about chocolate! Give her chocolate, and she’ll be yours forever! Me, I love to agravate grandpa (He is my brother, after all and aren’t brother’s n sister’s supposed to do that? ) and Love your Momma and Pappa, with all my heart! yeah, even Uncle Jerrod! I love you, Ezra Benjamin, even if I hadn’t met you, yet! I love the fact that Momma has these blog’s posted in how you’ve grown each month! ALmost as good as pictures!

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