10 months

Dear Ezra,

You have grown so much.  It seems like you are bigger after every nap.

This month you:

  • are cruising!
  • you eat table food, mostly chicken and veggies
  • you LOVE apples and go completely ballistic when you see one
  • are a big, big boy–you wear 18 month clothes and a size 5 shoe
  • are more and more vocal.  No clear words yet, but each day you are making new sounds.
  • recently learned that you can scream, a past time you seem to particularly enjoy in public

You are such a sweet and cuddly boy.  You have become really attached to the Momma though, and scream when I leave the room.   It makes getting things done around the house difficult, but I love that you love your Momma.  I love you too Ezra Ben, you are the joy of my life.


One response to “10 months

  1. I haven’t read your blog in months! I completely missed the corral colored font. (I almost spelled that “faunt”. Past tense of faun?) I love that nickname–Ezra Ben. So so cute. I’m so happy for you guys. (And sorry to hear about Ezra’s great grandmother. Had I met her?

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