new look

If you’ve read this blog for more than 5 minutes, you may have noticed that I change the way it looks.  Like, a lot.  While I really like wordpress, I haven’t found a theme that I’m a huge fan of.  Every time they come out with a new one, I try it out, which then leads to approximately 187 additional minutes spent on the appearance of this blog.  Not on writing, mind you, just on the way it looks.  Priorities straight?  Not so much.

HOWEVER, there is a new theme in town which lets me make my own background and I’m liking it so far.  The background picture was taken on my family farm, and if you scroll down and look right there is a horse photobombing my landscape shot, which seems very Kentucky-esque and therefore completely appropriate.   I love this picture and all the great memories is conjures up when I see it.  So if I’m going to be gazing at it and envisioning myself with sweet tea in hand and smelling the fresh cut bluegrass, then you are too.  Deal.  (Or just wait it out and I’ll probably change it in 2 weeks).

So, what do you think?  Yay? Nay?

P.S. And does the weird coral-y font color bother anyone else or is it just me?  Do you happen to be a wordpress genius and know how to fix that?  If so, please don’t hold back.  I am, as we speak, losing sleep over coral-colored font.  Please help.


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