8 months

Dear Ezra,

There are some things that I am not good at.  Like chess.  And also math. And also cooking. (Let’s just stop here). I’m also bad at taking pictures of you on or even near the same day every month.  Sorry about that.  I missed taking your 6 and 7 month pictures and I’m sorry to your future self who may or may not ever care about that kind of thing.  I had good reasons though, in case you’re wondering some day.  Your great-grandmother passed away and we got  on a plane 12 hours later, that was at 6 months.  (You would have loved her Ez, she was great).  At 7 months we were busy because 1) we looked at a house with a yard to maybe buy you on that day and 2) we took you to Alaska a few days later and were busy getting ready for the trip.  So something had to give, and I’d say you still came out ahead.

So behold, my precious son, a month-by-month picture taken within +/- 3 days of the 20th.  A first.

You are growing so big Ezra. You are eating solids now for 2 months, and will eat just about any puree we give you.  I give you little puff cereal to eat and you act like it’s rocks though, so we’re working on that.  You have just this week started to put your crazy flailing limbs to work and inch around the room.  You don’t like to get off your belly though, so we’re not a full crawl yet.  The army crawl does not slow you down one bit though.  You are speedy!  You love all things that are not yours to play with.  Like scraps of paper, computer wires, and shoes.  You bypass your brightly colored, educational toys and books to chew on shoestrings.   Speaking of chew–you have 4 teeth!  Something about the air in Alaska brought them out, because you got 4 in the week that we were there.  The middle two teeth on the top and the bottom.

You are the sweetest baby and the light of our lives.  I think that your Poppa and I are both still in awe of you.  You’re pretty fond of us as well, smiling brightly when Daddy comes home or when I pick you up at daycare or out of your crib in the morning.  You are a happy baby and really only get upset when you’re tired.  You are starting to make more sounds everyday and you’re actually saying Mama and Dada but you still haven’t put together that those sounds mean something.  To you it is all just vocal practice at this point.

We love you Ezra Benjamin.

For Always,



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