5 months

(So apparently I am only doing these every other month. As always, I will try to be better in the future.)

Dear Ezra,

You are 5 months old and are the joy of my life.  It didn’t take 5 months for that to happen, I just wanted to be sure and say it so you would know.  I hope that you always do. 

You are such a big boy now Ez.  At your last doctor’s appt you were 16lbs 10oz and 26 inches long.  You are in the 75th percentile on both measures.  You wear 6-12 month clothes now, and I MAY or may not have cried when I was packing up the clothes you can’t wear anymore and found a tiny newborn fleece vest.  It’s so hard to believe that you used to be that small.  You can roll over easily from your belly to your back.  You seem to tolerate daycare a lot better than Momma does.  By far the best part of my work day is the second I see your face at the end of it.

We still haven’t given you solid foods, much to the dismay of your daycare teachers.  You are still a big eater though, and such a big, strong boy.  Your hair is getting longer but is still almost a white blond color so you look bald from afar.  I think that your eyes are going to stay blue like Daddy’s and that makes me happier than you know. 

You are starting to be a lot more vocal, and have recently taken to singing along with me when we rock together.  It’s a very high pitched, almost screeching noise, but when you look up at me and sing along, it’s such a beautiful sound.  (Side note: Are you trying to tell me that this is what I sound like when I sing?) 

With all my love, forever,



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