Ezra goes swimming

We recently joined the YMCA and in my opinion the best part is the pool.  They have a regular lap pool, plus a therapy pool that is heated to 90 degrees with sloping entrance AND a hot tub.  I’m in love.  We went tonight for our first visit since joining and took our budding Olympian for his first swim.  I think he’s a fan.


3 responses to “Ezra goes swimming

  1. So precious he’s a fish already, can’t wait to swim with him.
    Could not get the film to go, “it’s private”…pretty dag gone snooty thing to say to Grandma.
    I Love You Ezra Benjamin

  2. You and Robert are such good parents. I love the way you are introducing him to new things and taking him on picnics and to play in the park. Just wanted to tell you how blessed I think little Ezra is to have you two as parents!! And how blessed I am to have you as part of our family. I love you Becky

    • Thanks Becky. We are definitely more active with him. We rarely went to the park or swimming on our own. But I guess that’s part of the fun of having a child, you get to act like one again.

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