Today the weather was really nice so Ezra and I headed out for a picnic.  We are really fortunate to live within a 10 minute walk of two parks with full playgrounds, etc., and then there is another park at the bottom of the hill we live at with just a patch of grass.  I packed Ezra’s bottle, some books, and water and Reese’s cups for me.  Just the essentials really.  The sunshine was a bit deceiving though, as there were some pretty strong winds that didn’t let us play outside as long as I intended.  Even though, we had our snack, read a book, and tried to get rolling over on video, which was a FAIL and resulted in tears.  Here’s the best I could do, shot by shot:

SUCCESS!  Yes, there might have been a few screams along the way, and we lost our baseball cap in the shuffle, but still look at this rolling over boy!

Post-script:  Where did my tiny baby go?!


One response to “Picnic!

  1. he just turned away for a moment and those moments will get longer soon and one day, like tomorrow, he’ll let go of your finger like you did mine and then off he’ll go. Just The Way God Planned It.
    We love you and miss you so…

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