4 months

Dear sweet baby,

This letter is late of course, but I wanted to write it to you anyway.  The past month has been a big one for you Ezra.  You now go to daycare two days a week, and you had your first plane ride to Kentucky.  So many big events and changes for such a small guy.  Speaking of small, you’re not that small!  We went to the doctor this week and you are well on your way to 17lbs.  You’re 26″ long and are the 75th %ile for height, weight, and head size.

Going to daycare was a much bigger deal to me than you, Ezra.  You are a brave little boy and you roll with the punches, including your new 6:00 a.m. wake-up call on daycare days.  Your teachers love you, and so far you mostly just sit in the swing and watch all the activity going on around you.  You brought home your first art project last week and my heart just about shattered at the idea that 1) my tiny baby is bringing home art projects and 2) how cute it is with your little foot prints on the page.

You are starting to smile a lot more now, and are such a happy baby.  You smile first thing in the morning even when you’re mad that we wake you up.

You are the best idea we’ve ever had.




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