3 Months

Dear Ezra,

Today you are 3 months old and I can hardly believe it.  Your Poppa and I just sat and marveled at you today.  We marvel at you every day, just so you know, but today we lingered a bit longer, long enough for tears to well up in both of our eyes.  We tried to put into words these past three months.  In Ezra time, they have flown by, but in the real world, three months is a pretty fair amount of time.  The days seem so fast sweet baby because you do new things every day.

Every morning we wake up together, face-to-face.  And every morning when you find your Momma’s half-opened eyes with yours, you smile.  This is what I live for now Ezra, it’s all wrapped up in that tiny muscle movement of your smile.  Who knew my heart could feel so much?  That a single smile would make my entire day, year, life?

You and I have had the pleasure of spending every single one of your days together so far.  We cuddle in the mornings, take naps that last too long in the afternoons, play and read stories, and occasionally go for walks outside.  You hated the sling for the first few months, but in the last week have begun to tolerate it because you can face out and see the world.  But my absolute favorite activity is when we turn the music up louder than we should and slow dance around the living room together, with your head resting on my shoulder.  We dance to Van Morrison and sing about crazy love.  We dance to Bob Marley and sing about how “every little thing is gonna be alright”.  We dance to the Beatles and sing about making sad songs better.  I have found that every song has new meaning now—they are all about you.

Your sleep habits show that you are a true member of Team Ev.  Given your choice, you will stay up until midnight, and sleep until 2:00 the next afternoon.  We are working hard to break this habit, but so far it’s not taking.  You generally go to sleep in your little bed right beside ours, but when you wake up in the early morning to eat, I let you stay with me.  I know you would be okay going back to your bed, but I wouldn’t.  I miss you when you sleep and I think you miss me too.  Though we both sleep more soundly apart, I think I can safely say we enjoy sleep more when we’re side by side.

Speaking of sleep, you and your Poppa have a bedtime routine most nights.  I give you a kiss goodnight, you get in your swaddle, and then the two of you lay together and read a story from your Bible.  Some nights you scream throughout the entire affair, but other nights you listen. Either way you are spending time with your best buddy.  You love your Daddy, Ezra.  When he comes home from work, you generally refuse to look at him for the first 5-10 minutes.  Even if he’s holding you, you look away.  We call this the “penalty box” and think that it must be your way of punishing him for being gone all day.  Once his time is up, then you light up.  You babble, coo, and smile more at him than I get all day long.  I don’t mind though, I love it.  I love to watch the two of you together.  I know how long your Daddy waited to hold you, and now that he gets to, I think it’s better than he imagined.

You are a really strong baby and have great neck and head control.  You’ve been fighting to hold your head up since the day you were born and you’ve almost mastered it completely.  You are just now starting to grasp things on your own, without us putting it in your hands.  You hate each of the three varieties of pacifiers we’ve tried, you make a face like we’re feeding you lemons.  You are also growing so big.  I have already packed away all of your newborn, 0-3 months, and some of your 3-6 months clothes.  You have giant feet though, they definitely seem disproportionate to the rest of your body.  I believe that this, and your ears that stick  out just a bit are the only things you’ve inherited from Momma.  Your coloring is entirely from Daddy.You have some funny traits that make your Poppa and I smile:  you squeak in your sleep (this one makes the people in the rows around us at church smile as well), you apparently speak Wookiee like Chewbacca, and your burps rival a grown man’s.

You are a joy, a precious gift that we’ve been given, and you make every single day of our lives better.

Happy quarter-birthday!




4 responses to “3 Months

  1. You have such a way with words. This blog brought tears to my eyes.You two are wonderful parents and Ezra is indeed blessed to have you, as you are him. God bless all of you! I love you all!!

  2. Oh my sweet daughter its as if you are reading from my heart about how I felt when you were little…how you changed me forever…forever for the better.
    Your son is part of my bliss and i will cherish until I die watching him come into this world…watching his momma and poppa melt at the very sight of him. I cried like a fountain but there was a huge smile under all of that water and there still is when I look at him…at your family. You are such wonderful parents just listening to your heart…that’s really all you can do and leave the rest to God.
    I will see the three of you soon and i’ll cry tears of welcome.

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