Why blog anyway?

I don’t know why I struggle so much in keeping up with this blog.  I think it’s because I have too high expectations for what it should be, what it should look like, how often I should I post, how funny each post needs to be.  Well, forget it.  I spend far more time thinking about what this blog should be, rather than just sitting down and typing up a quick post.  I need to try and remember why I blog in the first place:

  • No one in real life finds me as amusing as I find myself
  • This blog lets me live out my fantasy of being a writer.  The real kind, you know, where I just get paid to sit at home and write.
  • I was starved for attention as a child (not really) and am taking it out on the universe with this blog
  • It’s a highly useful procrastination tool
  • To virtually tell everyone what’s going on in our lives so we never have to call them again we save money on phone bills (I kid.)
  • To keep our far-away family updated on what we’re doing up here in the land of Yankees. (ding ding ding!!!)

That’s why I started this blog, and that’s what it should all boil down to.   So I’m trying to get back to that this year.  Oh yeah, we also had a baby here at Team Ev, so new posts may include updates on The Rookie.  Rather than maintaining a separate blog for him as I did throughout the pregnancy, I have linked to that blog in “The Rookie” section in case you ever feel like wasting a little time some day.  I will try my best to keep all the mushy new Momma posts limited, but I’m not making any promises.  You’ll just have to deal with it, it is my blog after all.

AND also, I may rant about random things that annoy me, rave about things that don’t, and generally just post whatever is on my mind.  So basically, I’m going to write about whatever I want and you’re going to read it anyway.  Or not.

So here’s to a new year (yes I know we’re a month into it) and hopefully more updates from Team Ev, now a party of three.


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