Baby’s First Christmas

Merry Christmas sweet baby.  It’s your first one and I’m certain that you have no idea what’s going on.   Nevertheless there are presents wrapped under the tree for you and your stocking is hung by the chimney on a bookshelf with care.  We have a tiny little Santa’s hat for you, and you’re currently wearing your 2nd (of four) “first Christmas” outfits.  Each set of grandparents bought you a commemorative outfit so we’ll be having a photo shoot in each of them.

Since you came so close to Christmas, and since we live so far away from our families, you are still too little to take home to KY this Christmas.  (Don’t worry, you will meet KY very soon.) This is your Poppa and I’s first Christmas away from our families.  We both get a little sad about this every now and them, but then we just look at your sweet little face and know that it’s all worth it.  There will be many other Christmases to share with your extended family, but for this first one, we get to keep you all to ourselves.

Last night you snuggled up with Poppa in your Christmas jammies and he read you the story of another little boy’s birth many, many years ago.  This is the reason for all the celebration, Ezra.  A tiny baby boy was born on this day.  And he changed the world.  We can’t wait to introduce you to him.


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