September and October

September brought our last staycation of the summer, as we took a day trip to Rhode Island.  First stop was a diner featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.  We ate traditional Rhode Island foods of Johnny Cakes (kind of like a corn meal pancake) and Coffee Milk (instead of chocolate milk).  After lunch we headed to Newport to see the mansions.  We arrived too late in the day (and are too cheap) to go inside any of the homes, but we did the poor man’s tour–the Cliff Walk.  Just like it sounds, this is a paved trail along the cliff’s edge, in the front of the mansions.  We had a really great day just enjoying each other’s company and experiencing more of New England.

October had us staying home for the month, but we had company!  My mom and dad flew up to spend a few days with us.  It was my dad’s first time on an airplane and I think he did pretty well.   His response when everyone asked how the flight went was “It didn’t seem like we were moving very fast.”  I think if he ever made the drive from KY to Boston he might think the flight went really fast.  🙂  We had a good, but too short visit that included brief stops in Lexington, Concord, and Salem to give them the full “New England in-the-fall” experience.


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