Ready or not

Dear Wee One,

Whether we’re ready or not, you are coming very, very soon.  Momma has had some health issues from the very beginning of your existence.  With medication and laying down near constantly for the last month, it has been managed just fine.  The worry all along has been that my high blood pressure will mean that you don’t grow big enough.  So every month or so Poppa and I have been very fortunate to be able to see you on the ultrasound while you get measured.  And just like you’ve done all along wee one, you’ve been stronger than me.  I’m a wreck over everything, and what do you do?  Just keep growing and growing.  AND GROWING.  For the past two months you have been measuring at least 2 weeks ahead, sometimes even 4 weeks ahead.   At my weekly doctor’s appointments the doc has been referring to you as “huge”.   Your leg bones are super long (wait till you meet your dad, and you’ll see why) and you are estimated to be a very robust 9lbs! Nine. Pounds.  The technician told us 5 weeks ago that you already had a full term head.  Lord give us both strength to get through this delivery.   So despite all the things that could be wrong because of my blood pressure, you are thriving.  And as the doc said last week:  “Your baby doesn’t seem to mind your blood pressure at all.”

Nevertheless, and in part because you are so big and healthy, you’ve been given your eviction notice.   Since things could get serious for either of us at the drop of a hat, doc is being cautious and speeding up your arrival.   I talked him into letting you bake for 5 days longer than he wanted to, making your debut just one week earlier than predicted.

So baby, it’s almost time to meet you.  Tomorrow I go to to the hospital to get some medicine and then I’ll go home for the last night without you.  Unreal.   Saturday morning, bright and early, we’re back at the hospital to get this party started.  I hope that you are excited to meet me as well, and don’t insist on hanging around for  a long time in there.

Sorry to evicting you like this, but it’s for the best I suppose.  Plus, at the end of it all, we’ll be together, the three of us. Your family.



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