Let me tell you about your Papa

First, it’s his birthday today.  So happy birthday Papa.  Here’s to your last one pre-parenthood.

Now, what is there to say wee one?  There are no words to really tell you about him, and at the same time there aren’t enough.

He is your Mama’s best friend.  He makes me laugh every day.  He treats me better than I could ever deserve.  He has the most beautiful blue eyes that I’m not-so-secretly hoping I see in a smaller version in a few weeks.  Most importantly baby, he knows how to love.  He loves us fiercely little one.   He would do anything for us.  He’s a hard-worker, he’s patient, he’s gentle, he’s clear-headed, and he always, always turns to God first in everything.  I hope that you are just like him.

He has been so amazing while you’ve been growing.  He’s put up with all your Mama’s nonsense including itemizing every last stitch of clothing and insisting completely decent furniture be painted for decorative purposes only.   I mean, I didn’t just insist that it be done, wee one.  I insisted that it be done and then that he do it.  And he did.  Because he’s a selfless guy, your dad.

He also can’t wait for you to be here baby.  It’s his turn to hold you, he said.  And if I never thought I could love him more, I was wrong in that instant.   I expect to be proven wrong again very soon.


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