Summer Recap: June and July

After almost two years of training, baby brother finally was finishing up flight school to become a helicopter pilot.  As this is such a major achievement, we wanted to be there for his ceremony and graduation.   So we again decided to go to south Alabama in late June/early July. Which is probably not the best time to visit, but alas.

We were there for a week, so we had time to take a quick trip to Destin, FL   The best part of course was just spending time with The Blonds.  We spent a lot of time swimming.  And I may be biased, but ohmyword if these aren’t the cutest children on the planet:

When we returned to Ft. Rucker, we were able to do the Blackhawk simulator.  Essentially, I’m going to leave the flying to my brother.   I was fine riding in the back while The Mr. and my dad flew, but when it was my turn I got dizzy and nauseous pretty quickly.   After the graduation ceremony, everyone visited for one more day and then went their separate ways.  We were blessed to be able to squeeze in a quick trip to KY as well, for the first and only time this year.

After spending over a week together, it was really hard to leave, especially knowing that the Blonds and their parents were on their way to Fairbanks, Alaska for the next several years.  It was bittersweet to be able to spend that much time with them right before they left.

A few other pics from the trip:


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