Summer Recap: April and May

How pathetic is that title?  It’s true, but pathetic.  I am a horrible, horrible blogger and that’s really all there is to it.   So, a summer update in…er…November.  Yikes.

Let’s see, after taking two amazing international trips last year, we decided that this would be the year of the staycation.  It was our 3rd summer in New England, yet we really hadn’t seen any of it.  Time to change that!


We used to go to a local restaurant for cheap-o burgers on Tuesday nights ($2.50  for a burger and fries).  We have since broken up with this restaurant, but it was good while it lasted. During baseball season they give away 2 tickets every Tuesday and I won!!  It was so exciting. I never win things, and to win free Red Sox tickets?!  So off we went.

The seats were not amazing, but honestly were exactly in the section that we would have bought our own tickets from.  We have tried to go to at least one game a season, so we got this year’s out of the way early!


A good friend graduated with her MBA and had a graduation party at her parent’s house in Cape Cod, or as they say up here “the Cape”.  It was a big hatsand bowties themed party, so of course we obliged.

We had never been to the Cape before, so after the party we decided to keep on driving up it and see what we could find.  We had no plans or reservations, just a full tank of gas and our toothbrushes “just in case”.    We drove for an hour or so and came to a town called Orleans, where we found a cheap hotel for the night.   There was still some daylight left, so we set out to explore one of the two beaches in the town.  We got there just in time for a quick walk on the beach and then cuddled up on a bench to watch the sunset.

After the sunset we found a really good pizza place (there was entire clove of garlic on the pizza!) and took it back to the hotel for an indoor picnic on the bed while we watched the Celtics in the playoffs.  Pretty much a perfect day.

The next morning we headed out to see the rest of the Cape.   We drove through all of the small towns and finally ended up in Provincetown,which is at the very end the Cape, and is the largest town.  First we drove to one of the numerous beaches and spread out a blanket.  Where we then proceeded to take our Sunday afternoon nap.  On the beach.  In public.  Just a few steps away from vagrancy, folks!  That’s how we roll.

Nap time!

After our nap we drove into Provincetown to see the shops and people watch and then headed back down the highway.  Some sights:

We ate at this restaurant for lunch so we could get the full Cape Cod experience with fresh caught fish, etc.  It was not good at all, but The Mr.  liked the corn.

Is there something in my teeth?

After lunch we were on the road again, back to Boston.  Then we realized that we were going to drive right past Plymouth, what with that famous rock and all, so:  why not?

Plymouth was nice, but I’m glad that we didn’t take an entire day trip to see it. Two to three hours was enough for us.  We finished the day with ice cream, as all good days should end, and made our way home to Beantown–our first summer staycation complete!

A pretzel cone.


One response to “Summer Recap: April and May

  1. I have missed your blog so much, because I miss YOU so much, and that picture of Robert pretty much put me over the top. No more personality related posting on your blog, please. Just stick to the facts. It’s all I can handle. Thank you.

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