What are you having?

This is the most common question we’re asked these days wee one.  This or some variant of it.  It sounds like we’re at a restaurant.  “Yes, I’ll be having the #3 with a Sprite please.”  (Clearly I have poor eating habits).

Instead Papa and I just say “We don’t know, it’s a surprise.”  You see sweet baby, we wanted to wait until your big arrival to find out if we’ve been blessed with a little boy or a little girl.  So, apologies in advance, but all your clothes are green, yellow, or white.  I hope this is okay with you.  Lots of people, likely even most people, find out the sex of their babies beforehand these days.  Your dad and I figured that if we could wait till halfway through to know, we could hold out until your birthday.  It has actually been a lot more fun than I thought it would be, the suspense.  I will admit to you now though, that sometimes I call you “he” and sometimes “she”.  I hope you can forgive me without the need for too much therapy.

It has just recently began to hit me though, the magnitude of your birthday.  Not only is it going to be emotional and overwhelming and ahem painful (but hopefully just for me), not only is it going to be the day I meet my baby finally, but the day I meet my daughter or my son.   Unbelievable.   Each of these relationships is so unique and so important with their Mama and Papa, and in an instant you will change the direction of our lives forever.   We will have a son.  We will have a daughter.  What a responsibility that will be given to us on your birthday.   We can’t wait.


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