The Leap

Let me tell you a little story Wee One, a story about how you came to be.  For so long you were just an idea, an abstract notion of something that we might someday attempt.  And finally, (FINALLY) we just decided to leap.  Sometimes you can never be prepared for something Wee One, sometimes you just have to go for it, even when it’s possibly the scariest thing you’ve ever done.  And so it was with you, with “THE DECISION”.  I’m going to put it like that, because that’s how it felt for all of those years.  When will we make THE DECISION?  Will weever make THE DECISION?  Will our families stop asking about THE DECISION?  Long story short: they did (thanks family) and we did–we just decided to leap.   I have never had more fun being reckless, look what it brought us.


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