So yeah, about April…

I’m not really sure what happened there.  Somehow there was nothing and a lot going on at the same time.  So what happened in April?

  • I went to my first (of many) Roller Derby bouts.  Even when we didn’t understand exactly what was happening for the first half of it.
  • I got selected to go to a week-long data analysis conference over the summer.  Nerd-rific!
  • The sun came out for the first consistent time since October.  We have tulips blooming in the front “yard”.
  • We went to a regional final of the US National Air Guitar Championships.  It was just as crazy and fun as it sounds.
  • Our camera bites and therefore we have no pics to document anything I just said.  But I promise, it happened.
  • In other news, we’re camera shopping.  Any suggestions?
  • The Red Sox are back!  Yay!  We cut back our cable and don’t get the baseball channel so we can’t watch any of the games.  Boo!  Apparently, the Red Sox suck this year so we’re not missing much anyway.  Yay?
  • In the BEST news, we bought plane tickets to Alabama, home of many things, but most importantly, The Blonds and their parents.  I may or may not be counting down the days.
  • All is well, we’re just boring and lazy.

My goal for May is a 10 post minimum.  Let’s see how I do.


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