Weekend Update


Friday I skipped out of my grad student obligations (listening to a lecture from a professor, having lunch and forced conversation with said professor, hanging around the grad student lounge complaining with other students, and Pub Night) to spend the first half of the day with Ashley.  We ate leftover Mexican food  and watched a Vampire Diaries* marathon in our pajamas.  Good times.

*Vampire Diaries=UhMayZing (if you’re into that kind of thing).  In my professional opinion, it’s got a better plot than Twilight, True Blood, and dare I say, even Buffy?

Saturday: Robert took a field trip with the people from his nerdery and I sat on my duff doing homework and napping.  (We’re very exciting people I tell you).   When he came home it was time for the UK game, or as I’m referring to it: March Sadness.  Come ON Cats!  This was your year.  It was yours to lose and boy did you ever!  Less than 50% from the free throw line?  Shooting upwards of 25 3 pointers and hitting TWO?  (What’s that old definition of insanity again?)  I left the room with two minutes left and refused to come back until it was over and the channel was changed.

Sunday: We went to church during the later service (11:30) and then stayed to help tear everything down.  Did I mention that our church meets in a hotel ballroom so everything has to be disassembled and packed away weekly?  Well, we do, and it does.   After church Robert attended the Songwriter’s group at our church and I  came home to start on homework and finish a proposal for why my department should send me to a specialized data training course over the summer.  Summary: Because I’m awesome and have brilliant ideas.   We ended the night with some TV:  Amazing Race (How much do I want to go to the Seychelles now?), Life, and River Monsters.  We’re keeping it classy around here.


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