A good sense of direction

You must have one.  Momma had some cramping in weird places when she went to the doctor, and coupled with the “pitiful first-time pregnant lady” face I plastered on for the doc, I was able to get an early ultrasound to make sure you were in the right place Wee One.   So today I was off to the doc again, where I was covered in slime and prodded.  But again, completely worth it, because there you were, on the big screen, in all your 5 week 5 day glory.

Which is to say, not much.  But you were there nonetheless, right where you should be, snuggled all up in my ute.  So you have a good sense of direction little egg.  (Your Poppa will never admit this, but you get it from me).  Now we wait 10 more days and go back for more sliming, so that I feel like this:

Startlingly similar to me after a doctor’s appt.

It’s still too early to see your little heartbeat Wee One, so we’ll make another trip to the doc.   Please keep growing and developing, I want to keep you around for the rest of my life.

Poppa came with me today to see you Wee One, and I think that you became real to him.  He doesn’t have heartburn or feel exhausted like Momma does, but there’s no doubt now.  There you were. Here you are.  Right out of our dreams and prayers and into our reality.  Please hang around little egg, we have so much to show you.



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