Our little secret

Yesterday I let your Papa in on our little secret Wee One, the secret of your existence.   It was supposed to wait until today, our twelfth anniversary as a couple, but the doorbell rang early, and your very first gift ever was here:


Led Zeppelin Lullabies

You’ll soon learn that your Papa loves music Wee One, and he especially loves Led Zeppelin.  So does Mama, and I’m sure your great taste in music will be inherited/cultivated as well.  So anyway, your first gift ever was here and Mama was just too excited to wait another day.   As soon as he was up, I gave your Papa a card, followed by your first CD.   Inside it read:

Dear The Mr.,

Twelve years ago we said we were in this together–this thing called life.   We didn’t know what the future held, but we knew we would hold each other in it.   It’s amazing to look back on so much of my life and know that I have shared it with you.  Is there anything better than that?  Better knowing that for most of my best moments in life, you were there?

While it’s been a long road from there to here, I have cherished every step.   I saw this card and had to get it for you, because it reminded me of us.  A winding dirt road in the country; the Son shining on us always; a road with no end in sight and a blind curve approaching.   This is our story.  A story of trust and faith and love given by The One who loved us first.

But doesn’t it look like the view is about to get so much better?  Like we’ve been walking for so long just to get to whatever is right around that curve, right at the top of that hill?   Well, we are one step closer babe.  The view is about to get amazing, downright miraculous even.

Oh how I hope this wee one has your eyes.

-The Mrs.

At first he didn’t get it Wee One, because just the day before the doctor told us we needed to see a fertility specialist, we made an appointment and everything.  He was just as shocked as I was am.   But then, when it sunk in,  you could see the joy in his eyes.  We held hands and stared at each other for quite some time.  “Are you scared?” I asked your Papa.  “No” he said, “we just give it all to God.”

He’s a smart guy, your dad.



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