Can you feel the love tonight?

Yes, yes I can did.  Let me preface this by saying that we don’t “do” Valentine’s Day in the TeamEv household.  As long as I get at least one Reese’s PB heart I’m good.  Sometimes we go pick out cards we would give each other were we willing to spend 10 bucks on glittery paper.  Yeah, we’re classy like that.

But, for the last two years a musical that I’ve wanted to see has come to Boston in the month of February.  Last year was Dirty Dancing, and this year: The Lion King. 

[Picture Source]*

(*BONUS:  There is an almost 3 minute clip from the show on this site!)

And oh yes, I felt the love for The Lion King.  If you haven’t seen it, you must.  It is visually and vocally stunning.  The costumes are beyond words amazing.  Since all the characters are animals, they had to be very creative.  In some cases this meant leaping across the stage with a wildebeest on each hand and one on the head, creating the look of a whole herd.  In other cases it meant walking with 6 foot stilts on your arms and legs to become a giraffe.   You are immediately transported and transfixed by the production.  This was my second time seeing it, and I am ready to go again.  It really is a show that everyone can enjoy.  There were a lot of children in the crowd who were just as amazed as all us old fogies.  And EVERYONE started singing (even if they won’t admit it) when they did Hakuna Matata.   It is a wonderful phrase.

After the show was over and I talked myself out of buying, in no particular order: Lion King earrings, the cast CD, an illustrated program, and tickets to the next day’s show, we were off to Finale.  Oh, Finale, if ever there was a place after my heart, this. is. it.  It’s a dessert restaurant, people!  Actual food is just an afterthought here.  It’s all about the sugar, and sadly so am I.   I got their specialty: Molten Chocolate Cake with Tahitian Vanilla gelato.  Notice how they also put slivers of random chocolate and hardened sugar in everything–just in case you weren’t sure it was fancy enough.

[Picture Source]

The Mr. had chocolate parfait, which was reportedly so-so.  Mine was brilliant.  I can’t wait till some other special occasion so we feel justified in going here.  Is it anyone’s birthday soon?  I’ll celebrate for you.

To top off our date night we had a wonderful, endearing conversation over candlelight and melted chocolate.  The topic: Communism and Karl Marx’s bad rap.  Doesn’t that make you swoon?  Or is it just me?


2 responses to “Can you feel the love tonight?

  1. well, i guess since we can never seem to get together for our july/ august birthday celebrations and November celebrations you can certainly use the girl’s and My birthday as an excuse to eat all the chocolate you want to! I have always told you to eat a piece of cake or whatever it was u used to celebrate with that year for me, elizabeth and brianna, too since we couldn’t celebrate with you in person! (feel the homesickness in that statement) Glad that you got to experience that Rachel, it sounded wonderful! We weren’t able to do anything for valentines day, but; were able to go see Disney on ice’s finding nemo for a late christmas present. It was awesome! check out my latest profile pic I have on my facebook page. It’s brianna’s winter guard group. It will be up the rest of the season in honor of them! thanks for the updates girl keep them coming you are my comic relief! Love you!

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