Five Minute Arguments

Are we the only ones who have these?  In the past few weeks we have “argued” about:

  • how to properly cook chicken breast
  • how to re-organize the summer and winter Olympics to maximize viewers
  • whether or not holiday shaped Reese’s PB Cups (or hearts or eggs or trees) are better than the standard cup  (YES!  They are!)
  • how to sleep so your arm/shoulder doesn’t hurt in the a.m.

These arguments are so insane.  The good thing is neither of us have anything invested in the outcome.  But that certainly doesn’t keep us from becoming heated for 5 minutes.  Then it passes and we move to really important matters, like which setting to dry towels on.


One response to “Five Minute Arguments

  1. Yes Rachel, It’s normal! We tend to have silly arguments like these when we’re around together, to much! that’s why we don’t work well together! I love ya, glad that you are blogging again! Guessing I need to update mine it’s been a long time!

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