Christmas ’09

I’ll keep this one short and sweet (unlike winter in Boston, but that’s a post for another day).

We went home for Christmas, and it was the first time we’d been to western KY in a year.  A year is way too long, FYI.  Look for upcoming post on this topic.

The Blonds and their parents came home too, and Robert’s brother came down.  We were there for 2 weeks and had such a great time seeing everyone.  I got to spend so many nights with my family that I got spoiled.  Peyton and I slept on the air mattress quite a few nights, and he has to have stories before he can go to sleep.  So I told him stories about Noah, and Jonah, and Zaccheaus and I fell in love with that little boy even more, which I didn’t know was possible.  Watching his sweet face drift to sleep just inches from mine was the best gift I could ask for.

On New Year’s Eve The Blonds stayed with me, my mom, and step-dad.  When it was time for bed I had one on each side, curled up next to me, one arm swung over my chest, unable to move and wide awake.   It was my best night of “sleep” ever.

The two weeks flew by and before we knew it we were back on a plane.  Hopefully it won’t be another year before we return.

Reagan in her favorite spot, Uncle Rob's lap.

Christmas morning.

Most of my favorite people, all at the same table.

The Blonds with my Dad.

We have such an amazing family.  A family that is full of love, affection, and laughter.  A family that genuinely enjoys spending time together and aches when it’s time to separate.    We’re truly blessed.


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