Fall ’09

Two strange, short conversations and our fall was planned.

Conversation 1

Me: There’s an INSANE sale on Travelzoo.  5 Days in Dublin! From Boston! Over Thanksgiving! Hotel, airfare, and breakfast everyday!  Want to go?!?!?

Robert:  Sure.

Conversation 2

Robert’s dad on phone: What are you guys doing next week?

Robert: Nothing special, just working as usual.

FIL: Okay, well I’m going to fly up.

Robert:  (silence).

And with that, our fall was planned.  Robert’s parents came up for the week before Halloween.  We went to Salem, Lexington, and Concord.  Walked the Freedom Trail, took a DuckBoat on the Charles went to Harvard, visited several museums, toured Fenway Park, and had an early Thanksgiving Dinner.  It was a really great week weather-wise, and we got to see some of the great New England fall foliage.

Concord, MA

Salem Harbor

Boston Common

The day before Thanksgiving we left for Dublin, via Paris.  It was torture to be in the airport for 5 hours, which was just short of being long enough to do a drive-by of the Eiffel Tower.   To waste time during the layover I shopped at all the fancy French shops, so I still got the sense of being generally inadequate, which is how you know you’ve been to France in the first place.

Our Dublin stay was short, but amazing.  Again, we had weather that was unheard of for that time of year.  The sun was out most of the time.  We celebrated Thanksgiving by having fish and chips and Guinness beef stew.  I dare say it was on of my best Thanksgivings.  We did quite a bit while there.  We toured several churches and crypts, went to the old jail, got a private tour of Parliament, saw a few castles, saw the ancient book of Kells, saw live Irish music and dancing, and took a day trip to the western half of the country, including the Cliffs of Moher.   We had a really great time, both Dublin and the countryside were beautiful.  Both Robert and I have Irish ancestry so it was a good chance to learn more about the history, both ancient and modern.

Oh–and bonus, the Ireland rugby team had a match against South Africa, and the South African team was staying at our hotel.  I tried not to stare too much or act like a crazed fangirl.  I’ve got to say though, I really loved being in a country that loves rugby even more than I do.  We weren’t able to get tickets to the match, but we did go to the stadium to see all the crazies, and that was almost as fun itself.

Cliffs of Moher

Would you like potatoes or potatoes with that?

An old homestead on Galway Bay

St. Patrick's Cathedral

In short, we had an amazing fall and are blessed beyond measure.


One response to “Fall ’09

  1. Hey girl! WOW! u guy’s are so amazing when it comes to travel and knowing what you want to do. Thank you for sharing this with me…. Since getting the new computer I failed to write down my website’s that I frequently would visit team ev being one of them…. u can send it to Rose too she may would want to keep up with you this way…… take care and again thanks love you!

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